Painting from Lois Dodd’s show

We don’t always have room to include all the great information we get in artist interviews, but online we can make sure these nuggets see the light of day, such as this quote from painter Peggi Kroll-Roberts on the work of veteran artist Lois Dodd.

Photo of Lois Dodd ready for plein air painting in Maine, shot by Benjamin Magro and used in the exhibition catalogue for Dodd’s 2012 show “Catching the Light” at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City

“Figure in Yellow,” by Peggi Kroll-Roberts, 2010 oil, 6 x 6 in.

“When I first came across her work, I thought some of the narratives reminded me of those of Eric Fischl,” says Kroll-Roberts. “The narrative pieces are upbeat. They are somewhat decorative. I could see myself going in that direction, especially with the figure. I love her work and the fact that she’s not afraid to explore. She’s tried many different things. I can relate — I’ve worked in gouache, ceramic, on the iPad, with pen-and-ink. She’s very strong in the fundamentals, but with a strong personal voice. I don’t feel like she’s trying to say anything heroic — it seems like she just enjoys painting. She just goes out and finds something she’d like to paint and does it. She’s an inspiration to me.”


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