Plein Air Convention & Expo

The Plein Air Convention isn’t for everyone.

Yet a thousand people show up. So why bother?

I’ll get to that in a moment. And there is an answer to every excuse in the book at the bottom.

The convention is designed to bring the plein air community together nationally, which makes you more connected and part of the national scene. It’s the world’s largest plein air event and gathering of plein air painters.

“This is my 9th time going. I go back to see my friends, and I always learn new things.” – Carl Bretzke

Optional Pre-Event Workshops
We’re holding a two-day Pre-Convention workshop with Lori Putnam.

Great for New Painters!
The optional “Essentials Day” for beginners helps you learn the basics of plein air painting, why it’s unique and how to do it, including demonstrations in all mediums. Essentials attendees have the option of painting with the essentials day faculty the entire week, giving you hands-on experience to boost your confidence and be with others at your skill level.

New Attendee Orientation to Introduce You to Friends
Prior to the opening, there is an optional orientation for anyone new, or anyone wanting to make friends to hang out with. We tell you what to expect, plus we put you in small groups to share meals, so no one is ever alone.

Watch Us Give Away Big Money and Awards on Opening Night
In the opening we typically have an on-stage demonstration (this year Michelle Dunaway), a surprise speaker, the PleinAir Salon Awards, plus Lifetime Achievement awards for CW Mundy and Jane Seymour. It’s followed by a giant cocktail reception in the exhibit hall.

Each Day…Sessions on Five Stages
Each morning we start with homeroom, at about 8:00, for announcements and prizes. Then we head off to the stages we want to watch. There are several sessions to choose from daily.

Making History in the World’s Largest Paintout
Each day we all go painting at a single location. It’s absolutely amazing to be painting with hundreds of others. You learn by watching others. Plus we have about 80 instructors who are out there to work with anyone who asks for help.

A Big Party To Say Goodbye
Let your hair down at our closing party. We’ve hired a deejay.

A Final Full Day of Painting in Rocky Mountain National Park
There is one full day of painting the day after the closing party. It’s a great opportunity to paint at a historic gathering inside a national park.

Make Lifetime Friends and New Experiences
People have made lifelong friends at the convention, some have painted outdoors for the first time, and all have improved their painting.

So why bother?
Some people are happy with their current painting ability and have no interest in improving.

For the price of a single workshop, you get 80 Faculty members to teach you.
The ticket price works out to about $16 an instructor.

Time to Have a Life Again
People want to get out again, as a result, this year is bigger than last year. This is the year to come because it’s our 10th birthday and YOU GET THE GIFTS.

Reward Yourself
Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

Make History
If this had taken place in Monet’s time, we would look back at the photos and wish we could be there. The artists teaching at this event will go down in history as greats and people will look at the photos of this event and wish they could be there. You can be.

Don’t Say Someday
If you keep putting things off, sometimes you lose the opportunity. Reward yourself, invest in your painting ability, make new friends, have a week of fun and laughter, and become a part of the bigger national community of plein air painters and be a part of history.

Sign up now at You’ll never regret it (and you can even join us online if you can’t make it to Denver).

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