We Can’t Imagine Life Without It

On Day 1 (Wednesday) of Plein Air Live this year, we had front-row seats for painting demonstrations from Shanna Kunz, Tom Hughes, Nicholas O’Leary, Marc Anderson, Rich Gallego, and Mary Garrish. This is our fifth annual Plein Air Live – an event that’s become a lifeline for so many artists.

“I can’t imagine what my life these past few years would have been like without looking forward to the Art School Live every day or the online events, and the pep talks to create.” ~ Carolyn F. 

Speaking of inspiration, many of us will be meeting in person in the Smoky Mountains at the next Plein Air Convention and Expo, May 20-24. We hope to see you there! In the meantime, here’s a glimpse at what we learned yesterday:

Plein Air Live Highlights from Day 1

From Shanna Kunz's Plein Air Live demo
From Shanna Kunz’s Plein Air Live demo

Ogden Valley, Utah provides beautiful places to paint, as Shanna Kunz proved with her on-location demonstration. In the image above, we see her demo painting (left), the live scene (upper right), and her palette (bottom right).

Tom Hughes, "Pemaquid," 9 x 12 in.
Tom Hughes, “Pemaquid,” 9 x 12 in.

Painting on a gray, 50-degree day, Tom Hughes gave us a demo from Pemequid Point in May, a location where he has painted for three decades. In 2019, Tom won the PleinAir Salon $15,000 Grand Prize at the Plein Air Convention and Expo.

From Nicholas O'Leary's Plein Air Live session
From Nicholas O’Leary’s Plein Air Live session

Nicholas O’Leary first led us into the Norwegian forest to paint a portrait of a tree. He resides in Bergen, where he can be found hiking in the spectacular mountains, among the fjords, or along the rugged coastline with his easel strapped to his backpack in often challenging conditions.

From Marc Anderson's Plein Air Live session
From Marc Anderson’s Plein Air Live session

Joining us from Door County, Wisconsin, Marc Anderson was enthusiastic about painting on a misty day that lent itself to a landscape painting with muted colors and grays, giving his colors subtle shifts in temperature for a “moody” scene.

Rich Gallego's painting session
From Rich Gallego’s painting session

Rich Gallego says there is beauty all around us if we open our eyes and look. For his demo, he used a verticle palette to paint snow-covered mountains in the distance.

From the beginning of Mary Garrish's Plein Air Live session
From the beginning of Mary Garrish’s Plein Air Live session

Joining us from her 7th-floor balcony in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Mary Garrish gave a demonstration she calls “Quick and Dirty Skies.” Mary explained how to capture color notes using a limited palette to paint clouds over the ocean.

Mary Garrish's four quick cloud studies
Mary Garrish’s four quick cloud studies

Come collect the art that moves you! Peruse the artwork of our faculty, as well as those artists who have taught at previous events. This silent art auction and sale takes place March 4-9 here.

On Day 2 of Plein Air Live, we’ll be experiencing even more master workshops. See you there at PleinAirLive.com!


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