Plein air oil paintings - Suzie Baker -
Suzie Baker, “A Negative View of Saloons,” 2014, oil, 16 x 12 in., Plein air

Plein Air Oil Painting Works by Suzie Baker

As part of a series of special reports on plein air subject matter, PleinAir Magazine highlighted paintings that include buildings as focal points. Some of these focal points were rural barns and houses, others were urban edifices and thoroughfares. They challenged the artists to put the buildings into accurate perspective, enrich the otherwise dull colors, and convey their reasons for making these particular structures important in their paintings. The process of creating these paintings also required some of the artists to contend with crowds of onlookers, traffic patterns, curious animals, or limited working space. This survey also included paintings that have won in the Buildings category of the PleinAir Salon competition.

Suzie Baker on “A Negative View of Saloons”

“I completed this painting during the Outdoor Painters Society’s April 2014 Quick Draw, organized by the Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Texas,” says Baker. This piece received the Artists’ Choice award and was subsequently awarded Best Building in one of the PleinAir Salon monthly rounds.

“There were several aspects of this scene that intrigued me,” Baker goes on. “Among those were the lines, the glow of the hanging light (which I had to make up), and the reflective quality of the windows. As for the title, a good friend once suggested I give my paintings thoughtful titles rather than ones that identified the location. I took her advice and now select titles that make viewers look twice or read my painting in a different way.”

Additional plein air oil paintings by Suzie Baker:

Suzie Baker, “Above It All,” 2017, oil on linen, 16 x 20 in.
Plein air oil paintings - Suzie Baker -
Suzie Baker, “Alpen Glow,” 2017, oil on linen panel, 12 x 9 in.
Plein air oil paintings - Suzie Baker -
Suzie Baker, “Bayou Glow,” 2017, oil on linen panel, 9 x 12 in.
Plein air oil paintings - Suzie Baker -
Suzie Baker, “Faithful Morning,” 2018, oil on linen panel, 20 x 30 in.

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