Debra Huse plein air painting on a boat
Debra Huse, painting during the historic log canoe race from her friends’ boat during 2019 Plein Air Easton 2019 (Maryland)

Watch a video clip of Debra Huse painting while on a boat and using a custom “rod-pochade.”


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“Painting from a boat is an exciting challenge,” Debra says. “It offers great opportunity to get a view not seen from dry land. It is the only way to get these views of regattas, lighthouses, bridges, and entire city scenes.

“It does have its challenges as far as setting up to be sure you are stable — and of course the fact that you are moving with the water and waves. I find that once I get started, the movement is not as bad since I am so focused on capturing the subject. But when I’m in a new town, the thrill of going with a local to a special location seen only by boat is absolutely a fantastic adventure!

“When painting for the Catalina Island Conservancy, my husband, Randy, and I embark upon a very special adventure in our sport fishing boat, Grouper. By studying charts and maps,we start before dawn to get around Catalina Island to a cove we have yet to discover. The beauty of this is unparalleled. We drop anchor, and I get to work using my rod-pochade that he made me. It fits in any fishing rod holder on the boat and is very secure. Randy makes some breakfast for us and takes a swim to explore the cove. Before long the wind starts to come up, the light has changed, and it’s time to move to the next adventure.

“Life is grand.”

"Historic Log Canoe" (18x24 in.) by Debra Huse
“Historic Log Canoe” (18×24 in.) by Debra Huse

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  1. A wonderful painting (I love the warm and cools in it)! Also, she definitely has an innovative and supportive husband. Looking forward to reading about his next creation for her and her arwork!


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