A screenshot from the winning entry by Frank Hegyi and Shane Kier

Artist James Gurney hosted a video competition recently on his blog, and the winners have just been posted.

Finalists and winners were selected online by visitors to Gurney’s blog. Frank Hegyi and Shane Kier won First Place with 672 votes for their one minute video.

Frank Hegyi’s and Shane Kier’s First Place video

“When you leave the comfort of your studio to draw or paint outdoors, disaster waits at every turn,” reads the prospectus of the contest. “Out in the weather and in public places, all sorts of obstacles rise up to block you. Overcoming those challenges requires a hero’s heart and plenty of persistence. Sometimes a good sketch is snatched from the jaws of failure, sometimes not.”

A screenshot of one of the finalists in Gurney’s competition, Dominik Litwiniak.

The finalists in the competition, which was sponsored in part by PleinAir magazine, were Michael Goldberg, Frank Hegyi and Shane Kier, Meghan N. Sours, Matthew Kalamidas, and Dominik Litwiniak.


  1. Bravo! Love to see acrylic plein air. I often feel pressured to paint in oil by other artists, galleries and teachers, so it’s refreshing to see such lovely paintings from a successful acrylic artist.

  2. What a treat to see more of “Hook’s” fabulous paintings. I love his lose style and the end result makes him one of my favorite artists! Thanks for sharing this article

  3. So glad to see an acrylic painter respected. I switched from oils to acrylics about three years ago and have never thought about going back to oils. Bravo to this painter and to you for showing this lovely work.
    Linda Blondheim

  4. Hooks work is lovely, and it’s delightful to see a plein air acrylic painter featured. Acrylics allow “cutting and building” tecniques impossible with other mediums.


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