Bill Cone - PleinAir Podcast -
Artist Bill Cone, featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Episode 116

Eric Rhoads interviews Pixar legend Bill Cone in this week’s PleinAir Podcast. Be inspired with his passion for painting outdoors, get his advice for new and experienced plein air painters, and more.

Listen as Bill Cone shares the following:
• How his plein air painting informed his work on Pixar films in regards to color, light, and atmosphere
• Why being in nature introduced a whole new range of color possibilities to his art
• The benefits of being in a figure drawing group, even if you primarily paint landscapes

“Nature is full of this infinite, dynamic, changing, inspirational imagery … it’s almost spiritual in a way, but also just inspiring for the movies. Suddenly I felt like, ‘I want to put that in a film.” ~ Bill Cone

Bonus: This week’s PleinAir Podcast includes a Marketing Minute!
You’ll learn:
• When it’s better to outsource your art-related marketing versus doing the work yourself
• Advice for designing your own print ad, including the most important things to consider

Listen to the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads and Bill Cone here:

Learn from Bill Cone in person at the 8th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo, also featuring Joseph Zbukvic, Terri Ford, and many more!

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  1. another great podcast with Bill Cone..THanks Erik for sharing these podcasts with the world.!
    I especially liked bill’s attitude towards painting outdoors!!’s a spiritual quest in every sense of the word.. and yet he has a fun attitude towards the entire experience which can be very challenging at times!!..and also very rewarding..!!..carol grigus Reno, NV


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