People often comment on the quality of the paper and the image reproductions in PleinAir magazine, and they are indeed of high quality. But they are missing something.
Many don’t realize that the digital edition of the magazine includes several added features for each issue. For example, the last issue of PleinAir digital gave readers a piece on urban sketching, Joshua Cunningham’s plein air adventures in Minnesota, and Joseph Gyurcsak’s theory on the Power of Three.
“In my studies of museum paintings, I discovered something very important regarding representational works,” Gyurcsak says in the digital version of the magazine. “Their value structures are always very simple and impactful. Their designs are often limited to only a few value changes. Most every successful representational painting can be defined by one of three value/design schemes that are directly related to nature.”
Think you know what he is alluding to? You might be surprised. Gyurcsak goes on to discuss the use of color, and his approach to brushwork.
Joseph Gyurcsak will be on the faculty at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE), slated for April 15-19 in at El Conquistador Resort in Tucson, Arizona.
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