Greg Woodard, Fine Art Connoisseur 3 dimensional Quick Draw Award

The Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, Wyoming, brought in over $1 million in art sales. Of these terrific sales, the Saturday morning Quick Draw brought in almost $113,000, sold under the auctioneer Troy Black on the freezing, rainy, snowy day of September 23.

With no ability to spend the morning outside surrounding the Buffalo Bill Center for the West for the Quick Draw, painters and sculptors alike crowded inside the auction tent to perform their artistic magic. A record crowd of collectors enjoyed two hours of art before the auction began.

Clive Tyler
Mark Edward Adams

After all the artists showed off their art during the annual parade of artists, Greg Woodard was presented with the Three-Dimensional Award from Fine Art Connoisseur and John Potter was awarded the Two-Dimensional Award from PleinAir Magazine.  Denney Neville won the People’s Choice Award, with his painting selling for $3,000.

David Mensing
Kathryn Mapes Turner
John Potter, PleinAir Magazine 2 dimensional Quick Draw Award

Woodard sold multiple editions of his final piece at $3,000 each. Another sculptor, Mark Edward Adams, sold 10 editions of his equine piece. Top seller in the Quick Draw this year was Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey, with her dye-on-silk piece titled “Good Humor Bear.” John Potter and Donna Howell Sickles each sold their paintings for $3,600, while Michael Ome Untiedt sold his painting for $3,700 and Julie Oriet’s pastel sold for $3,750.

Robert Seabeck
Lorenzo Chavez
Michele Usibelli

Other Quick Draw artists included Julie Jeppsen, Paul Waldum, sculptor Christopher Navarro, Karen Vance, Whitney Hall, sculptor Dustin Payne, Kathryn Mapes Turner, Gary Lynn Roberts, Blake Neubert, David Mensing, Lorenzo Chavez, Jeff Burnham Rudolph, Charlie Hunter, Jessica Garrett, Steve Devenyns, Michele Usibelli, Clive Tyler, Joe Arnold, Ann Hansen, Robert Seabeck, Laurie Lee, and Don Dernovich.

Julie Oriet
Laurie Lee
Jeffrey Burnham Rudolph
Jessica Garrett

Buffalo Bill Art Show Director Kathy Thompson notes that in a unique partnership between the Center for the West and the Chamber of Commerce, the Center receives 60 percent of the net proceeds. Unique to this Quick Draw was the large number of participating sculptors, each selling multiple editions to those who chose to buy the editions after the initial purchase price is set with the first edition winning bid.

Dates for the 2018 Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale are Sept. 17-22, 2018.  To learn more, visit here.

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