Young artists are joined by Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters for a morning of painting at Schwabachers Landing; image by Ashley Cooper/News&Guide Photos

Several world-class artist members of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters recently gave their time to help foster the younger generation of plein air artists near Moose, Wyoming.

Ranging from locals to Texans, five young students had a blast recently in Wyoming as they learned some plein air basics from several of the top artists in the country. Among them was Jeanne Mackenzie, a regular contributor to PleinAir Today and founding member of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters. Titled Morning with the Masters: Youth Paint Out, the workshop is the first of its kind and stemmed from a partnership between the Grand Teton Association and the Art Association of Jackson Hole.

Student Rustin Dillard, 11, works on her painting; image by Ashley Cooper/News&Guide Photos

“I’m excited that we’re doing more youth outreach for the arts,” suggested Mackenzie. “They’re enjoying everything the park has to offer, and it’s a new experience, something they can take back home.” The workshop was hosted in arguably one of the most spectacular places in the country: Moose, Wyoming, at Schwabachers Landing.

Acclaimed painter Debra Joy Groesser was also on hand to help instruct students. In fact, Groesser picked up plein air painting herself from a workshop nearly 20 years ago. “It was such an epiphany for me,” she said. “Painting outside helped me realize how important it is to paint from life. You see so much more. And the paintings are much more believable. A small price to pay for battling bugs, the sun, and racing clouds.”

The $35 workshop was attended by an all-female roster and began with basic techniques, including composition and sketching. The students painted on canvas using acrylics.

To learn more, visit Kylie Mohr’s article via the Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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