Scott Gellatly is well known to PleinAir magazine readers as an expert who shares his considerable knowledge about painting at art schools, retail art-supply stores, and artist conventions like the Plein Air Convention & Expo ( He just opened an exhibition of paintings created in rural and urban locations.

“Park and Main,” by Scott Gellatly, 2012, oil, 12 x 12 in.

“About 80 percent of my painting is now done outdoors, and that represents a significant change from when I first left art school in 1997 and became a professional artist,” Gellatly explains. “My reasons for spending less time in the studio and more time in the field are similar to those of others artists. First, I love being out in nature and challenging myself to react to the total sensory experience, and second, I’m enjoying a very special time in my children’s lives. Plein air painting can be accomplished in shorter, more manageable blocks of time that fit together nicely with my family and job activities.” An exhibition of Gellatly’s recent paintings, titled Rural-Urban, is currently on view at Brian Marki Fine Art in Portland, or

“Phil Hill in a Haze,” by Scott Gellatly, 2012, oil, 6 x 6 in.

Gellatly continues, “My usual routine is to paint a number of small plein air paintings in response to what happens outdoors, and then I take those studies into the studio, where I have more time to consider the formal aspects of painting.”

Scott Gellatly painting on location

The fact that Gellatly is a dedicated painter serves him well as a product manager for Gamblin Artists Colors. In that position, he shares responsibility for developing products and offering technical advice to other artists. “Robert Gamblin started the company and established a practice of offering quality products and supporting artists with information,” Gellatly explains. “I work with a wonderful team of people who believe in that mission. A small number of us travel to events like the Plein Air Convention & Expo to answer questions, demonstrate materials and techniques, and introduce Gamblin products. For example, in Las Vegas we proudly introduced an expanded line of FastMatte Alkyd Colors.”


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