PleinAir magazine’s new directory lets event organizers get their information in front of all our readers, and anyone searching for plein air events on the Web.

PleinAir magazine is making it easy for artists to plan their year by printing and posting a directory of plein air events for 2014 – The Ultimate Artists’ & Collectors’ Guide to Plein Air Events & Organizations. Plein air organizations will also be listed in this comprehensive directory, so artists in any U.S. state can connect with fellow artists and make the most of painting opportunities. How can you take advantage of this new service?

If you are an event planner, make sure to get your event listed by clicking here. If you are in charge of a plein air painting group, click here to submit your group name and information. Readers will be able to make smart choices in their long-term scheduling. Plein air organizations will be able to reach more members, increasing their camaraderie, their bargaining power with stewards of painting sites, and their profile on a national level. The magazine plans to do everything in its power to put the directory in the hands of every collector in the country.

The deadline for submitting an event or group to the directory is October 28.

For more details, visit the The Ultimate Artists’ & Collectors’ Guide to Plein Air Events & Organizations.


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