The view from the World Famous Artist's Cabin
The view from the World Famous Artist's Cabin

If your schedule is open on March 23, 2023 at 5pm ET for about 2 hours or so…

…I’d like to personally invite you to my first ever “Eric’s Global Online Paint Out.”

It’s a free event and it’s all online!

I’m also inviting a few special guest artists to hang out with me at my place. You can join us and paint the same scene as us, or just hang out and have a pleasant discussion about art.

We’re going to paint at the World Famous Artist’s Cabin in Texas Hill Country, which is my backyard.

The World Famous Artist's Cabin
The World Famous Artist’s Cabin

I’m not yet sure what we’re going to paint exactly, this isn’t a demo – it’s a get-together for plein air artists.

If you’re new to plein air, then all the more reason for you to come.

The best way for you to get used to painting outside is by first painting in your own backyard, so you can think of this as an introduction to how amazing plein air can be.

For more info on what’s going to happen and how to register, GO HERE now.

Paint with Eric Rhoads this week!
Paint with Eric Rhoads this week! Visit to join us.


  1. Really upset–what went wrong? Can’t join your global paintout! March 23, 4:16. Boo Hoo. Maybe you have too many trying to get online so some of us were bumped off.


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