Painting with acrylic - Charlie Easton and Eric Rhoads - Art School Live

In case you missed it > An Art School Live on painting with acrylic:

Watch an episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, who interviews Charlie Easton on the benefits of painting with acrylic. Includes a demonstration!

“So often I hear people complaining about the properties of acrylic,” Charlie says. He adds that the reality is you can use these “subtleties and nuances” of the medium to your benefit.

oil painting of sunset with strip of mountains in the background; mainly sky painting
Charlie Easton, “Arrival,” Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 in., 2023. Painted on location at the end of the day – winner of Best Plein Air Acrylic, PleinAir Salon, March 2023

Charlie shares that there are four major problems people have when painting with acrylic:
1. When you apply the paint, it dries a different color.
2. You lose texture when it dries.
3. It has a quick drying time.
4. You don’t get as much coverage with your paint.

But, watch the video to hear a bit of science that explains why acrylic has these qualities, and then enjoy Charlie’s lesson on painting with acrylic so you can learn something new.

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