At one exciting show, collectors will find three generations of California paintings and a historical piece by Joseph Kleitsch that has never before been displayed in public. 
An engaging visual history of California painting arrives at Gallery McCollum in Laguna Beach on August 9. Located on the Pacific Coast Highway, Gallery McCollum is celebrating its 20th year as an exhibitor of California paintings with this historic display.

William Ogden, “Pearl Street, Laguna Beach,” 1980, oil on canvas, 24 x 36 in. Gallery McCollum

“A California Tradition” brings together landscape paintings by original members of the California Impressionist movement from the early 1900s, by artists from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as a select group of contemporary painters. The exhibition features plein air paintings available for purchase and museum-quality studio works.
A highlight of the show will be a newly available 1923 piece by the powerful colorist Joseph Kleitsch, coming to the exhibition courtesy of Steven Stern Fine Arts.
Guests on opening night only will also have the opportunity to view an early-20th-century painting byWilliam Wendt (not for sale) from a private collection in Laguna Beach.

Vanessa Rothe, “Bateaux de St. Tropez,” oil on canvas, 12 x 16 in. Gallery McCollum

These historical artworks will hang next to recent work by accomplished living artists. Those displaying available works include Ken Auster, John Burton, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Robin Hall, Jeff Horn, Debra Huse, Michael Logan, Michael Obermeyer, William Ogden, Ray Roberts, Vanessa Rothe, Jeff Sewell, and Kevin Short.
Paintings by historical artist Patrick Tobin, along with works by Logan and Ogden, represent California painting in the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition’s survey approach will allow viewers to discern both lasting elements and developing trends across 100 years of painting in California.

Michael Obermeyer, “Crystal Cove Rooftops,” oil on canvas, 10 x 20 in. Gallery McCollum
“A California Tradition” opens at Gallery McCollum on August 9, with a reception from 6-8 p.m. The exhibition continues through September 7. To learn more, visit Gallery McCollum online.


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