Malcolm Ludvigsen making a plein air fashion statement

We thought it would be fun to look at some of the fashion statements made by dedicated plein air painters over the past year, from paint-encrusted jeans to floppy hats to mismatched layers of clothing.

 British artist Malcolm Ludvigsen recently posted a photograph of himself painting outdoors while wearing a paint-covered jacket with a knit cap that might once have been worn by Beldar Conehead ( That reminded us that over the past year we have received photographs of other plein air painters who made similarly memorable fashion statements. Here are just a few of the painters who were more concerned with the look of their paintings than their own appearance.

Carl Bork ( extending his fall palette onto his jacket

Maren Phillips ( demonstrating the layered look for spring painting

Ray Roberts ( dressed for painting during a Las Vegas snowstorm

John J. Abisch ( wearing a high-tide painting outfit

Elizabeth Black ( dressed to paint on a floating studio


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