Ed Terpening’s talk on social media stressed, among other things, the lucrative fine art market outside of the United States.

Attendees of the 2013 Plein Air Convention & Expo last month benefited from several substantial presentations, including a talk given by painter Ed Terpening on how artists can best use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Some of his revelations surprised the audience.

For instance, Terpening explained that the market for fine art is bigger in Europe and Pacific Asia than in North America. Terpening advises that artists think about international markets, and he reminds artists that many digital tools allow easy access and service for those markets.

How important is it for artists to get a handle on social media? If marketing is important, then social media is critical. Terpening shared statistics showing that online media constitutes 57 percent of people’s daily media consumption, and 48 percent of that online media is social media. The PowerPoint slides for Terpening’s talk are available here.


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