A typical article page at EmptyEasel

Why visit EmptyEasel’s website? Because artists can always learn something more. Want to know how another working artist makes stretcher bars? Interested in another person’s approach to color mixing? Not finding anything on colored pencil?

EmptyEasel is the brainchild of a California man identified simply as “Dan” on the site. He makes no bones about the fact that, although he allows other artists to submit articles to the site, he is the curator and final judge on what goes up. The website highlights artists in genres ranging from oil and watercolor to pen-and-ink and sculpture.

The site promises to post a new article every weekday. EmptyEasel seems oriented toward helping artists find resources and services — there are lots of links to companies that host artist websites, plus printing companies and painting contests. The tone ranges from matter-of-fact product reviews to impassioned essays on the nature and role of art.



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