Marla Baggetta's pastels for painting
Marla Baggetta's pastels for painting

How Should You Organize Your Pastels? Marla Baggetta explains it simply: hue, value, and saturation. She points out that it’s an intentional process (refer to her palette above to see the pastels in place).

Marla Baggetta - Pastel Live faculty
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In this live interview with Eric Rhoads, Marla Baggetta takes us through a pastel painting demonstration. She begins by sharing her sketchbook that includes thumbnail sketches, printed out reference materials and photographs, and handwritten notes.

The pastel lesson she shares is a snowy landscape scene from Eric’s Publisher’s Invitational plein air art retreat, Fall Color Week. They had a surprise from the weather, with unexpected snowfall. “It was a little daunting,” Marla said, “but it was amazing.”

Watch the following interview and demo on using pastels here and learn:

  • Why she uses a variety of pastel brands (and the meaning behind her heart-shaped pastels)
  • Why the pastels in her palette don’t have wrappers
  • Why she keeps a blank border around the edge of her painting surface; and more:


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