Watercolor painting ideas

If you’re looking for watercolor painting ideas, start with this live demo from Thomas Schaller, held during one of the daily presentations from Eric Rhoads. (Don’t miss Schaller’s demonstration at the upcoming Watercolor Live virtual art conference!)

In it, Schaller explains why and how he paints, as well as how to choose a subject and interpret what you see so that you can turn it into a “different reality” on paper or canvas.

Scroll down to watch the full video, and listen to a bonus interview of Thomas Schaller on the Plein Air Podcast. Schaller talks about bad painting habits, developing good design as a painter, the one thing that has made him want to burn his brushes, and much more.

Listen as Thomas W. Schaller shares the following in the Plein Air Podcast:
• Personal insights on his relationship with his father, which was “contentious” early on, but has a happy ending. “It turns out that he and I are very much alike.”
• The importance of his architectural experience and how it influences his paintings
• Thoughts on the fear-based resistance to plein air painting


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