Ralph Papa "Painting in Paradise"; Photo by Williams W. Combes
Ralph Papa "Painting in Paradise"; Photo by Williams W. Combes

From May through December of 2023, 21 top South Florida artists painted at Paradise Palms Botanical & Sculpture Garden in Delray Beach, Florida. The garden, open to the public by invitation only, consists of 20 acres of garden environments, original sculptures, water features, and structures. It is meticulously groomed and prided on having one of the most extensive palm collections in the United States. The garden is a plein air painter’s dream.

Throughout the Florida seasons over 90 artworks were created where each artist captured the natural effects of light in their distinctive style in the scenes of their choice. The outcome is an exhibit titled “Painting in Paradise” at the Delray Beach Cornell Art Museum, January 5th through March 4th, 2024.

plein air artists Nancy Tilles and Carol Stoveland "Painting in Paradise"; Photo by Williams W. Combes
Nancy Tilles and Carol Stoveland “Painting in Paradise”; Photo by Williams W. Combes

The exhibition will feature plein air artworks elected by Cornell Art Museum Director Marusca Gatto: “I am thrilled that the Cornell is hosting this exhibition. The fresh plein air paintings of a newly opened botanical gardens is certain to be a celebrated community event.”

In the center of the exhibition space, a display of a specimen of palm and plants will welcome visitors. A looping video featuring images of the plein air artists painting in the gardens will demonstrate how the paintings were created and where the artists captured their scenes. During the exhibition, a panel presentation is scheduled where artists will share their “Painting in Paradise” experiences, techniques, and love of plein air painting.

“Hosting the ‘Painting in Paradise’ sessions has been personally rewarding to me. Meeting the dedicated artists, witnessing their intimate encounters with nature, and seeing the gardens through their brush strokes and style is wondrous,” said Suzanne Brooks Snider, representative of Paradise Palms Botanical & Sculpture Gardens.

"Painting in Paradise" session; Photo by William W. Combes
“Painting in Paradise” session; Photo by William W. Combes

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