How to paint landscapes - Joseph McGurl -
Above: Joseph McGurl, “The Florida Waterways Project: Sand, Wind and Tide,” oil on panel, 24 x 30 in.

We could always use a little inspiration, yes? With that in mind, you’ll love this mini-collection of artist quotes (that’s quotes for artists – by artists) that our team has put together for you!

Karl Dempwolf On Groups for Artists:

Inspirational quotes for artists
Featured video: Karl Dempwolf: California Impressionism (click here)

Joseph McGurl On Drawing:

Joseph McGurl On Drawing
Featured video: Joseph McGurl: Painting Light and Atmosphere (click here)

Cynthia Rosen on Color:

Inspirational quotes for artists
Featured video: Cynthia Rosen: Expressive Landscape Painting – Palette Knife in Plein Air (click here)

John MacDonald on Teaching Art:

John MacDonald on Teaching Art
Featured video: John MacDonald: Creating Dynamic Landscapes (click here)

John Pototschnik on Choosing a Subject:

John Pototschnik on Choosing a Subject
Featured video: John Pototschnik: Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette (click here)

Thomas Jefferson Kitts on Painting From Life:

Inspirational quotes for artists
Featured video: Thomas Jefferson Kitts: Sargent – Techniques of a Master (click here)

Quotes in Text Only:

Karl Dempwolf On Groups for Artists:
“People are open. People want to share what they know and the joy that they have in painting. I think being part of an organization like that and the groups that kind of develop are a great help to artists, especially those that are just starting.” ~ Karl Dempwolf

Joseph McGurl on Drawing:
“Once you can draw perfectly, then that gives you the freedom to draw imperfectly, but still make a beautiful picture and make beautiful shapes and a beautiful design.” ~ Joseph McGurl

Cynthia Rosen on Color:
“The vibrancy of energy, the play of color, and the ephemeral nature of the landscape are what captivates me. Given that time and life never stand still, nor will my depiction of it. I am primarily a plein air painter (outside painter) with the palette knife and oil paints in hand.” ~ Cynthia Rosen

John MacDonald on Teaching:
“If I can shave 5 years of struggle and just try to clearly explain as much as I can what makes for a good painting, and here’s a process of how you can create good paintings, then that’s what’s meaningful to me to help people.” ~ John MacDonald

John Pototschnik on Choosing a Subject:
“Don’t paint a subject just because you think there’s a market for it. I’d say certainly be honest with yourself – paint what you know, what you love, and what you’re passionate about – there will be a market for it.” ~ John Pototschnik

Thomas Jefferson Kitts on Painting From Life:
“When people view my efforts I want them to see a painting, not a photograph. I want them to experience a surface made alive with color, texture, and the movement of my hand, yet also feel tethered to the reality that gave birth to the work. Up close, I want my surfaces to explode. From a distance, I want them to optically reassemble into a whole. But most of all, I want my audience to appreciate why I prefer to paint from life – and thus discover our common sense of wonder.” ~Thomas Jefferson Kitts

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