A Conversation with Master Artist Joe Paquet

Watch an inspiring video interview with Joe Paquet, who describes his upcoming Pre-Convention Workshop “A Beautiful Beginning,” coming soon to the Plein Air Convention (PACE).


“I took a one-day workshop with Joe and it seriously changed my artistic life. A big re-set.” ~ @sevresblue

Many artists — especially those trying their hand at oil painting — face a common challenge: the dreaded ‘ugly’ stage. It’s a familiar cycle.

You work tirelessly on a piece that just doesn’t seem to come together as you had hoped. In frustration, you eventually shelve it. Weeks or even months pass… When you finally get back to it, you’re even less happy with it. Some just trash their work. Others sabotage it out of spite.

But the good news is that the ‘ugly’ stage can be completely avoided. And you can create a painting that radiates beauty right from the very beginning. Learn more about “A Beautiful Beginning: The Art of the Start,” a PACE pre-convention workshop with artist Joseph Paquet, and reserve your spot today.


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