Artist Anne Blair Brown at easel

What inspires you?
Anne Blair Brown: I find inspiration everywhere. I do not necessarily paint “things”, but rather I focus on light, atmosphere, and color. That makes everything I see a possible painting. Having said that, one of my favorite places to paint is my 1800’s farmhouse, Bluebird Hill Retreat in Santa Fe, TN, where I teach workshops and have guest artist teach, also. It is a peaceful escape in the country where inspiration abounds.

How do you describe success?
Anne Blair Brown: Success is a broad term. In the context of my career, being able to support myself by painting and doing what I love is a huge blessing. Also, I feel successful having developed a recognizable style that attracts collectors as well as connects me to students who wish to learn to paint in a more impressionistic way.

In terms of my art, I believe that each painting is an exploration to the next. I am delighted when a painting works well and gets recognition. I also embrace a failed painting for what lessons it holds. This letting go of perfection and remaining a consummate student keeps me in a space of gratefulness and is my personal definition of success.

To see more of Anne’s work, visit:

oil painting of old country farm with hay barrels in the foreground
Anne Blair Brown, “On a Country Road,” oil, 11 x 14 in
oil painting of sunflower field with path
Anne Blair Brown, “Summer Field,” oil, 11 x 14 in


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