Acrylic painting of popsicle stand in a park
Anne Blair Brown, “Popsicles,” 20 x 20 in., acrylic, 2021
Female artist painting a barn on location
Anne Blair Brown plein air painting at a friend’s farm.

 How did you get started and then develop your career?

Anne Blair Brown: I started by participating in invitational group shows hosted by local schools, who raise funds for their school through art sales. From there I got noticed by various galleries and was invited to show with several of them. After the internet started booming, it all took off from there. The rest is hard work, serendipity, and a lot of Karma.

How do you describe success?

For me, the definition of success is staying true to myself and sharing knowledge with others. There is no award, title, or amount of money that can compare to seeing lightbulbs go off in my students’ heads or the feeling of painting something that delights or moves someone.

How do you find inspiration?

Inspiration finds me! As I’ve grown as an artist, I see only shapes, light, and atmosphere more than I see “stuff.” That makes everything I see paintable.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

Because everything I see inspires me, I truly look through rose-colored glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I am human and have struggles, foibles, and hardships like everyone does, but I do see beauty everywhere I look. Being able to paint and make something tangible out of that beauty is truly a wonderful feeling. I think most artists would agree with that.

Who do you collect?

I am blessed to have a large collection of art, mostly acquired through trade with other artists. I think my most prized pieces are my two Charles Movalli paintings, which were purchases. Movalli painted with such verve and spirit! I try to channel that energy and joy of painting every day.

Oil painting of chickens near a barn
Anne Blair Brown, “Breaking Ground,” 12 x 12 in., oil, 2020
Oil painting of sunflowers on a stand with a straw hat
Anne Blair Brown, “Flower Power,” 16 x 16 in., oil, 2020
Oil painting of a red wheel barrow next to some sunflowers in a pot
Anne Blair Brown, “Garden Delight,” 16 x 16 in., oil, 2020
Acrylic painting of a field of flowers
Anne Blair Brown, “In the Pink,” 10 x 10 in., acrylic, 2020

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