“ Winter’s Soul,” Cecy Turner, 11 x 14 in., Oil on Linen, 2022; A demonstration for an art club in Dallas, sold at Wild Horse Gallery, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Cecy Turner: One of the best things about being an artist is that you begin to see the world in a different way from others. You notice a lot more, and things seem to jump out and interest you. Seeing beautiful things all around us that pass by unnoticed by some makes for a perfect day for an artist.

Painting outdoors is inspirational for me because 1. I am outdoors and 2. I’m seeing the light on the landscape firsthand and the effect it has. If you don’t paint plein air, there are many ways to stay motivated. Even mixing some colors together you haven’t used before might yield a new palette you can’t wait to try on a painting! Keeping your camera close by could help in catching that perfect light on a flower or a bird out your kitchen window that now you can’t wait to try.

Traveling and going through photos from past trips are a great source of inspiration, of course, and looking at some old photos later in a new light and after you’ve grown and changed some could call you to do a painting. Take plenty of photos and figure out a good way to categorize them on your laptop, just like you keep your colors on your palette organized the same way!

To see more of Cecy’s work, visit:

oil painting of sun shining on mountains as it sets
“Last Light in Moab Valley,” Cecy Turner, 15 x30 in., Oil on Linen, 2023; A stunning scene coming into Moab, included in the WAOW 34th National, Phippen Museum, March 1-June 23.
oil painting of mountain range during winter with sunset behind
“The Crags from Fish Creek,” Cecy Turner, 20 x 34 in., Oil on Linen, 2023; One of the mountains we view from our home in Colorado is quite a winter sight.


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