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A letter from Eric Rhoads on friendship, new experiences, and painting plein air >>> 

Childhood can be hard and cruel.

I can remember a gym class where we had to climb a rope to the ceiling. My turn came, and I could not even hold myself up on the rope. The class, sitting on the floor in a circle, did not stop laughing at me.

Being the school fat kid, I desperately wanted friends. It seemed like everyone else had lots of friends, but not me.

“One day, I’ll have friends,” I remember telling myself.

Today I have hundreds of friends. Good friends.

Most of them were made at one of my painting events, like my annual artists’ retreat in the Adirondacks.

Something special happens when you spend a week with people for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and painting together all day, every day.

I’d like to invite you to join me for my spring retreat this June in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.

I guarantee you’ll make friendships fast, and most of us have made some of our deepest, most meaningful friendships at these events.

And hey, a week of painting plein air, having your meals prepared, and sitting up with friends at night isn’t all that bad, either. Everything is included in one very reasonable price (the event, meals, and rooms).

The event is not till June, but there are only a few seats left. Selling out this early is very unusual. So I recommend you book now. I limit attendance to 100 people.


  • Room (you have the option of private or shared)
  • 3 meals daily (we can work with special diet needs)
  • Opening reception
  • Closing party
  • Daily painting in incredibly beautiful spots
  • Members-only paint map
  • Private members’ group

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