On location in Kerrville, TX. My Jeep Grand Cherokee is my outdoor studio.

How do I find inspiration?
It actually “finds” me! There are 3 deciding factors on whether to paint a scene; 1st is the light; I’m drawn to dramatic shadow patterns, 2nd is the subject; I favor architecture in the landscape, and 3rd is the local color; I look for strong color accents. What is unnoticed by most people, the artist is there to pick them up and bring them to the attention of an otherwise unseeing world; the weathered tenure of an old barn or the lavender shades that ripple across a wooded path, or the cool cerulean waters that lap at the shores edge.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
It’s rewarding, both emotionally and spiritually. What I love is the suspension of time that results from deep focus. The world disappears. I get lost in my painting once the flow state kicks in. Additionally, I’d say I love the constant evolution and reinvention. The discoveries in color, technique, and composition guided by intuition. Coming away with something you really love is a wonderful feeling, too; Doesn’t happen every time, but then, quite often in my case, there’s always a new canvas (or board,) awaiting.

To see more of Tina’s work, visit:

Watercolor of mountain range with river flowing through in the foreground
Tina Bohlman, “Morning Light on the Rio Grande”, watercolor, 16 x 16 in., Plein Air near Taos, N.M, 2021
watercolor of old boat washed ashore. Ocean in the background
Tina Bohlman, “Miss Lori Dawn”, watercolor, 12 x 16 in., Plein Air in Rockport, TX, 2019


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