Just Plein Fun artists 2023 at Huse Skelly Gallery
Left to Right: Debra Huse, Ryan Jensen, Suzie Baker, Daniel Marshal, Lisa Skelly, Mark Fehlman, Manon Sander, Mark Shasha, Durre Waseem, Terry Miura.

Award-winning professional artists painted each day from sunrise to after sunset to capture the beauty of Balboa Island, California during the 18th Annual “Just Plein Fun” event hosted by Huse Skelly Gallery. This year, select invited artists were from California, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Florida including Suzie Baker, Manon Sander, Debra Huse, Terry Muira, Daniel Marshall, Ryan Jensen, Mark Fehlman, Mark Shasha, Durre Waseem, and Lisa Skelly.

The Juror for awards this year was Peter Adams. Since 1993 Peter has served as president of the historic California Art Club, which was established in 1909 and is one of the largest and most active professional arts organizations in the country. Working in pastel, Peter’s work has been featured in museums, national exhibitions, and publications across the world. He is also on the faculty of the upcoming 4th Annual Pastel Live virtual art conference (August 17-19, 2023).

Just Plein Fun artists - Peter Adams and Suzie Baker
Peter Adams and Suzie Baker

18th Annual Just Plein Fun Winners

1st Place, Best of Show
“Busy Balboa” by Suzie Baker

Best “Brush-Off” Award
“Royal Hurrah” by Debra Huse

2nd place Award
“Standing Tall” by Terry Miura

3rd Place Award
“Summer Treat” by Mark Fehlman

Greg LaRock Memorial Award
Greg was a great artist friend of the gallery and his award-winning work is admired by artists and collectors across the nation. He is remembered with great fondness and respect.
“Monday Morning Musings” by Terry Miura

Celebrate Balboa Island Award
“Ferry Tale” by Debra Huse

Honorable Mentions
“Morning Atmosphere” by Daniel Marshall
“Walking the Island” by Ryan Jensen
“Sharing Some Wisdom” by Durre Waseem

Painting at the beach is Ryan Jensen during Just Plein Fun Regatta Night
Painting at the beach is Ryan Jensen during Just Plein Fun Regatta Night

The exhibition of Balboa Island paintings continues through August 31st, 2023. View them online at huseskellygallery.com.


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