From Clare Bowen's Plein Air Live demo
From Clare Bowen's 2023 Plein Air Live demo

Using a plein air setup on a photography tripod, Clare Bowen gave an oil demonstration at Plein Air Live 2023 while painting a quaint boat named “NikNak” on a harbor in England. She chose the boat for this Beginner’s demo because she said it’s easier to start plein air painting if you focus on a simple subject.

Clare’s Quick Tips for Painting Outdoors

1. Get a good foundation and underpainting.
2. Simplify your scene. “You don’t have to get everything in there. Nature is complex,” but in a plein air painting, you can choose one subject.
3. Go small. Don’t be afraid of doing a little 6 x 8-inch painting.
4. Pre-mix your paint.
5. Be organized.

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