We’re hearing from artists who were fortunate enough to be chosen as top finalists among the 850 entrants to the 2012/2013 Art Renewal Center Salon. The formal announcement has not yet been made, but we can tell you the names of a few honored artists.

Only 30 percent of the approximately 2,000 entries are still being considered for the final awards and reproduction in the Art Renewal Center’s Salon catalog. Winners and finalists will be posted on the ARC website on April 30, 2013 (www.artrenewal.org). Andrew Orr, who is profiled in the May 2013 issue of PleinAir magazine, is one of the finalists; his painting “Light of a Summer’s Day” is being considered by the ARC Salon judges. Orr says, “The list of finalists for this online exhibition contains the names of many artists whom I greatly admire, and I am humbled to have made it through this first round of competition.”

Marc Hanson, who will be featured in the July 2013 issue of PleinAir, is also among the semi-finalists. “I’m thrilled that I’ve been selected as a finalist in the ARC 2012/2013 Salon,” Hanson says. “Congratulations to all of the other finalists as well. The list looks like my daily news feed of Facebook artist friends! Good luck to all as the competition moves forward!”

Melinda Whitmore is another gifted artist whose painting is still being considered, and she says she is “honored to be a finalist along with such a talented group of artists in the Art Renewal Center’s 2013 Salon.” Lance Richlin is also a finalist, and he has the additional honor of having already been given the title of Associate Living Master.

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