Heinley Fine Arts in Taos, New Mexico, recently unveiled a 30 x 120-inch triptych titled “In Memoriam” that Jivan Lee created on location in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The artist propped up three canvases against the side of his car and applied thick layers of oil color.

Jivan Lee worked on all three of the 30 x 40″ canvases while they were leaning against the side of his automobile. “In my paintings, I explore a distinctly modern possibility, using a whole lot of paint,” Lee says on his website. “I’m interested in how the surface can become a sculptural part of representational paintings, and what happens when it does. The resulting pieces seem to move between abstract fields of color, topographical places, and recognizable imagery. Up close they celebrate paint for paint’s sake.” For more information, visit www.jivanlee.com.

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