Artists are known to be creative in multiple ways, and such is the case with plein air painter Pamela Mathy, who was inspired to write the following poem as a parting gift to her workshop teacher, Michele Usibelli. Enjoy!

Plein Air, Sedona 10/23: Be Bold, Be Fearless

(for Michele Usibelli)
by Pamela Mathy 

Something every plein air painter well knows,
All plans are challenged when the wind blows.

That umbrella you’re using to block the sun
For the wind, becomes an instrument of fun.

Lifting your easel high in the air
Flinging painting gear every-which-where.

Well, plein air painters are a stubborn lot,f
They’ll just find some shade for another shot!

It isn’t so bad once you get started
Yet painting on a hill is not for the faint-hearted.

When moving back to view your progress,
Be careful—don’t step on that cactus!

But who would not be inspired by the spectacular views?
All frustrations are worth it, my heart renews.


In addition to teaching in-person classes, Michele Usibelli has a video workshop so you can learn her unique “FocalFirst” method. Learn more here!


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