Bob Ross app

Have you heard? The “Calm” app, which provides calming background noises to help you sleep or relax, also offers the voice of Bob Ross reading you a bedtime story. Bob Ross - Joy of Painting,

Of course, Bob Ross is a household name for artists and muggles alike. But for those who may have just walked out of a cave, he was the creator and host of a beloved television program called The Joy of Painting.

It appears that the Bob Ross nighttime stories are part of a paid feature of the app, but I’m excited to know that this even exists. For now, here’s one of my personal favorite Bob Ross videos – it’s a remix that PBS created because the internet needs more of this: reports that “fewer than 10 percent of viewers ever painted along with Bob. Although the show faithfully teaches his techniques, it turns out few people tuned in to make art. Bob’s soothing tones welcomed latchkey kids and his cathartic creativity comforted the home bound. For many, The Joy of Painting is a respite from the negativity and din of regular television programming. The Joy of Painting is an alternate quiet place of happy clouds and trees.”

If you could choose, what bedtime story would you want to hear Bob Ross read to you? Just for fun, share it in the comments! 🙂

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