From May 7-28, American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, California, is hosting a show featuring the art of Jean LeGassick, Jennifer Moses, Teresa Oaxaca, Alicia N. Ponzio, and Amy Sidrane.
Titled “Intuition: A Focus on Women Artists,” the exhibition explores the nature and power of intuition, a trait long associated with women — but extends beyond gender. “The word ‘intuition’ may often conjure the phrase ‘a woman’s intuition,’” says Moses, “and while this exhibition is composed of female artists, it is the artist’s intuition, that initial spark of knowing, that is at the heart of each work of art.”

“Sympathetic Resonance,” by Amy Sidrane, oil on canvas board, 24 x 24 in.

While the five artists aren’t all plein air painters, the dedication to working from nature is omnipresent. “When inspiration comes, it is usually in the form of a concept most often triggered by an element I see in nature — a gesture that I want to convey,” comments Moses. “This gesture could be a graphic shape, an atmospheric quality, an impression … something that I can work into an authentic visual statement. Using nature as a form of communication, my desire is to ignite the imagination and sensibilities of the viewer, creating a visual dialogue that inspires further contemplation.”

“Celestial Nocturne,” by Jennifer Moses, oil on canvas panel, 18 x 18 in.

LeGassick is well known to plein air aficionados. The acclaimed painter explains that intuition is at the foundation of much of her work. “When painting I try to empty my thoughts about what I think I know — my preconceived notions — and also empty my head of any conscious thoughts at all. This is exceedingly difficult! I want to just respond to the scene and rely on my years and years of training to paint in an automatic mode — just throwing down the paint on the canvas spontaneously. In that initial chaos is where I mine the gems to make a painting. I’ve always called this process of emptying my brain of preconceived thoughts as Zen’s ‘Beginners Mind,’ but I realize that it could also be a form of intuition — painting just below the conscious surface of my mind.” 
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