Starting with a presentation by the artist on August 22 at Bar Harbor Inn, the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, showcases Kathleen Dunphy’s work as part of the gallery’s 20th anniversary.

“Morning Calm,” by Kathleen Dunphy, oil, 30 x 40 in.
It’s also Dunphy’s 10th anniversary of showing at the Maine gallery. Dunphy expresses a special affinity for the Pine Tree State. “I never quite know what’s going to inspire me to paint,” she says. “Sometimes the most obvious subject matter (majestic mountains, crashing waves) leaves me cold, but the shadow cast by a swamp cooler across the back wall of a run-down house can trigger a response in me that sends me running for my paints. I’ve traveled to places that are known to be artist havens, painted for several days, and come home with studies that may be accurate in color and value but totally lacking in emotional impact. But when I first traveled to Maine a decade ago, I felt an instant affinity to this quietly beautiful state. The farmland, the coast, the fishing villages — everything looked like a painting waiting to happen. I’ve been fortunate to be represented by the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor for almost 10 years, giving me the wonderful excuse to revisit Maine and discover even more places to paint. I will be making my seventh trip to the state later this month for the opening of a show of new paintings and to give a talk/slide show of my work. After more than a half-dozen trips to Maine, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of all it has to offer.”

“Clearing Skies,” by Kathleen Dunphy, oil, 20 x 24 in.

“The Sentinel,” by Kathleen Dunphy, oil, 30 x 20 in.

Dunphy’s show will be on view through October at Argosy Gallery.


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