The New York City art club that has counted among its members William Merritt Chase, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Childe Hassam, N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, and Sanford White, among others, initiated a new series of plein air painting events. May 2 marked the first paint-out for the Salmagundi Club, and the organization has plans for more — and perhaps in other cities. 

“We are welcoming all Salmagundi Club members and their friends to join us at these events,” says Roger Rossi, who is heading up the program at the club. “We will spread out all over the city, in the streets and in the parks. I think the paint-outs will grow, and I think they are important to this organization.”

“Ready for Customers,” by Tony D’Amico, 2015, oil, 10 x 8 in.

Rossi says he is exploring the possibility of having a show of the work produced at the paint-outs, and several of the painters participating mentioned the rumor of Salmagundi paint-outs happening in other parts of the country. Salmagundi is based in New York City and has some by-laws that link it inextricably to the city, but the organization’s 900 members hail from all across the United States. 

Roger Rossi, an officer of the Salmagundi Club and the driving force behind the new paint-outs, captures a scene in Washington Square Park.

Bill Angresano quickly blocked in a compelling composition on the morning of the Salmagundi paint-out.

Holly Meeker Rom painting in Washington Square Park

Rom and her subject, a statue of Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi

In some places the painters were four deep.

“The response of the plein air artists has been great,” says Rossi. “New York City has not been what we normally think of as a plein air place, but I think it’s going to grow.” The next two Salmagundi Club paint-outs will be held on May 30 and June 27.

Robert Nardolillo knocked out a couple of strong watercolors at the paint-out.

One of Nardolillo’s watercolors from the day

Tony D’Amico paints on the sidewalk across the street from Washington Square Park.

“A View of Washington Square Park, Morning,” by Bill Angresano, 2015, oil on board, 12 x 16 in.

“As Eric Rhoads said at the rollout of the Plein Air Force at the Plein Air Convention & Expo, we need to go forth and spread the word about plein air painting,” says Rossi. “Salmagundi proudly did their share today.”


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