The Guardians
12 x 12 in.
Oil on linen
Awarded First Place in 2018 Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Signature Show.
Living on the Monterey Peninsula of California, I find no shortage of inspiration to paint, whether it be on the coast or inland. The Guardians was painted on location in Garland Park out in the Carmel Valley. As I was walking down this path to find a location, I stopped when I saw this grove of trees and the view in the distance. I love painting trees and loved the strong ones in the front as if guarding all that lies ahead along that winding path.

Artist Statement
“My work is most known for its impressionistic or “painterly” style, favoring serene, pictorial landscapes. I prefer to suggest, rather than render, simplifying large shapes of color and value, leaving the details to the viewer. I feel this allows them to explore my paintings, the same way I so eagerly explored my surroundings. My goal is to convey my feelings through my heart and brush in hopes that the viewer will gain the same sense of spirit that inspired me.”

Cindy is represented by:
Nancy Dodds Gallery, Carmel , CA
The Mission Gallery, St. George, Utah
Edward Montgomery, CA

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