About the artist:
Despite the fact that he loves painting on location, Colin Page does not think of himself as a plein air painter. For him, working outside is another way of experiencing the world through paint. “I love the richness of color, and trying to capture dramatic light outdoors, but for me painting is about a way of seeing.” In the summer months many of his paintings are completed on location, but he also cherishes the long winters in Maine, when there’s more time to work on a still life, develop figure paintings, or develop some much larger pieces.

When Page is working on location he looks for a richness of color in nature, along with trying to capture a sense of light in a scene. His paintings are about how he sees the world; sharing the excitement of color harmonies, the calligraphic line of a tree branch, or the vibration of a cool shadow against a spot of sunlight. When painting in strong sun, Page brings that warmth and energy home in his work. For him, painting outside is an opportunity to capture the energy and excitement of a place. This month he will be participating in the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational in Atlanta, where he looks forward to working with such a lovely subject. The Atlanta area will be a new landscape to work with, and he looks forward to tackling it. http://www.olmstedpleinair.com/

In some of his more recent studio work Page has been painting the figure, and more specifically his two daughters. These paintings hold onto the freshness of his plein air work, despite being resolved studio pieces. “The goal is to paint the kids as they really are; full of discovery and wonder, happy to be playing together, but also lost in their own worlds. I don’t want these paintings to be overly sweet. I would rather the paintings show the kids as they really are. They are young, but the children are distinctly different people, and I want to include all of their personality in these paintings.” This body of work will make up a solo show of Page’s paintings this July at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, ME.

Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, MD, where he attended a high school for the arts. From there he studied at Rhode Island School of Design and Cooper Union, receiving a BFA in 2000. After a few years living in working in the New York art world, Page moved to Maine where he now lives with his wife and two young children.

You can find the paintings of Colin Page at his own website http://www.colinpagepaintings.com/ and at the following galleries:
Dowling Walsh Gallery      http://www.dowlingwalsh.com/
Anglin Smith Fine Art     http://www.anglinsmith.com/
Debra Huse Gallery     http://www.debrahusegallery.com/
Greenhut Gallery     http://greenhutgalleries.me/
Courthouse Fine Art Gallery     http://www.courthousegallery.com/


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