Portal to Imagination (Rosette Nebula)
72 x 72 in.
oil on canvas
Corporate Collection

In many ways my art practice reflects Pablo Picasso’s quote, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” For those who keep a diary or journal, you may have found while reading back into the chapters of your life that what you subconsciously wrote — or painted and drew as also in my case — has actually manifested in your life. This is a mystery. We live it, and its manifestation is something that I rejoice in.

My fascination with this mystery — the weaving of past, present and future — the creative process, and consciousness began more than 30 years ago. I’d intuitively made a number of paintings and drawings which I couldn’t understand the true meaning of until they revealed themselves to me many years later.

These artworks, along with other ones, were mounted in an exhibition entitled, Leah’s Gift. Compelled to share the story about and behind each of these artworks, I’ve completed a book, Leah’s Gift: my journey through sorrow to find joy, again, which is currently in the publishing process and will be launched this fall. As well there is a documentary film called, Beneath the Painted Surface about my story and art life that will soon be released.

In my creative journey there is nowhere I feel more present, inspired and connected to source than in nature. I went into nature to heal, and my paintings became about the landscape, my connection to place, the environment, and wilderness areas. My painting process has led me from landscapes, to waterscapes, to skyscapes, and then into the cosmos. The departure into deep space was a progression in my practice and my continual posing questions into nature and the nature of our human existence — our universal purpose, our beginnings and endings, our embodiment, our consciousness.

I love this quote by scientist Albert Einstein: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Peering through the portal to my imagination, it’s my heartfelt hope that my ongoing art practice — painting, writing and speaking — in some way, serves and benefits others.

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