Ellen Howard, "California Glow", oil, 11 x 14 in. Painted on 17-mile drive in Carmel by the Cypress Point Club. Accepted into the California Art Club's 112th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition at the Bowers Museum opening on July 8th

Ellen Howard: “California Glow” was painted in Carmel near the Cypress Point Club. This area is one of my favorite places to paint. At sunset, the warm light shines through the majestic cypress trees and dances on top of the ocean. “Interconnected,” Aspens have regenerative abilities, and for me, symbolized a threshold of growth in my work, and an understanding of living creatively. “Point Lobos Day’s End” park is one of the most beautiful places to visit and paint. I loved seeing this giant wave crash on the rocks as the sun was just setting.

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oil painting of river flowing through trees; mountain range in the background
Ellen Howard, “Interconnected”, oil, 16 x 20 in. Group exhibition at the Holton Studio Gallery: “On the Threshold: Ellen Howard, Tia Kratter & Kim Lordier”. Aspen groves are interconnected to each other just as art connects us all
oil painting of giant wave crashing into rocks at sunset
Ellen Howard, “Point Lobos Day’s End”, oil, 12 x 24 in. Painted at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in Carmel. This painting is in Rieser Fine Art in Carmel. The colors in the sky were breathtaking