Watch this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, in which Lana Ballot gives a step-by-step painting demonstration on how to paint translucent waves.

Lana is also on the faculty of the upcoming Pastel Live virtual art conference, taking place August 19-21, 2021, with a Beginner’s Day on August 18. Learn more and see the full faculty list at

painting waves - Lana Ballot pastel

In this demo on painting waves in pastel, Lana shares:

  • The difference between hard and soft pastels
  • How to collect the inevitable pastel dust while painting
  • How to make your pastel painting stand the test of time; and more

Watch “Creating translucency in waves with Lana Ballot” here >


Pastel Live is coming soon! THREE full days of total immersion that will give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to keep moving forward … to practice, try new things, lean on your new support network, and most of all, never give up!

We’ve held several virtual events, all with tremendous success. This will be the very first time we’ve devoted three full days (four if you count the optional Beginner’s Day!) to pastels.

You’ve been asking us for a long time to devote some time to both pastelists and those who want to learn more about pastels or put the techniques to work with their preferred medium.

Pastel Live is coming soon — August 19-21,
with the optional Beginner’s Day on August 18, 2021.

Please don’t miss this opportunity. How many people attend this event and how well it’s received will determine if we continue to offer pastel-focused art training. I will say this … pastels are H-O-T right now! You’re going to see more artists you love incorporating pastels into their own work. This is a trend you want to get behind … a wave you want to ride. Learn more here and get your ticket for Pastel Live!

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