“Surf Surveillance”
oil on linen
14 x 11 in.
About the Artist:
Born and raised in Berlin and Munich, Germany, Manon has always had the desire to create. After moving to the US she painted murals for a decade in the Chicago area. Another move, this time to San Francisco, got Manon’s oil painting career started. The right instructors paired with the gorgeous Californian landscape turned ambition into painting addiction, and Manon hasn’t stopped painting since.
During those years spent studying under the tutelage of nationally known oil painters, Manon developed her own distinct style, which she describes as “representational with an impressionistic touch”.
In 2010, Manon’s relocation from San Francisco to Florida turned out to be a cornucopia of inspiration for her oil paintings. More important than the subject matter itself is Manon’s goal to capture the effects of light on a subject and the feeling it evokes, expressing it through interesting patterns, luminous color, and juicy brush strokes.
Manon shares freely and enthusiastically everything she knows about painting with her students in her popular classes and workshops in the US and abroad, participates in juried plein air competitions, and exhibits frequently in juried shows and solo shows. Her paintings are in private collections in the US, Europe, and Australia and continue to win numerous awards. Her work has been included in former White House communication officer Jim Snyder’s book “Down the Loxahatchee” and in several other publications.
Through her paintings Manon is aiming to communicate the colors, light, and joy Manon feels surrounded by and is infinitely grateful for.
Artist’s Statement:
Painting is my way to bring attention to the beauty found everywhere in our immediate surroundings, seen by those who are willing to slow down and to look.

I find inspiration for my next painting not necessarily in an object considered beautiful in the conventional sense, since my desire to paint is mostly ignited by watching the light hitting an object a certain way and creating a certain mood. Illuminating something in all its brilliance while creating wonderful colors and designs in the shadows, light has the power to elevate an object from the mundane to the exquisite. How light influences color has been a source of endless fascination for me.

Expressing my joie de vivre through loose brushstrokes in combination with a well thought-through design and a vibrant color choice translates into a painting that resonates not only with me as artist but also with the viewer, offering them a view of things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.
Upcoming Events:
Winter Park Paint Paint-Out, April 23-29, 2017.
Plein Air Workshop in Limoux, France, May 17-27, 2017. More info at www.Montfaucontours.com
Featured Artist for the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s D’Art for Art at the Harriet Himmel Theatre, West Palm Beach, FL. January 14, 2017.
Contact Manon:
Phone: 415-606-7685
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/manon.sander.3 or  www.facebook.com/ManonSanderArt
Twitter:  @ManonSanderArt
Instagram: www.instagram.com/manonsander
Studio : The Village Art Studio
  Gallery Square North
  377 Tequesta Dr.
  Tequesta, FL 33469


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