Theresa Kasun painting on location at the Mets stadium
Theresa Kasun painting on location at the Mets stadium

A Plein Air Today Reader Spotlight on Theresa Kasun

“I grew up going to Omaha Stormchaser triple-A games with my dad. All four of my brothers played Little League and when I became a mom my boys played baseball on our local Little League teams. One of my sons went on to play for 11 years and during the last 3 seasons, I brought my French easel and painted at his games. I couldn’t just sit there for several hours and not capture the beautiful colors surrounding the fields and the symmetry of boys all dressed alike standing in a row.

“I lived in the borough of Queens for 15 years, and as a die-hard Mets fan, it just made sense to go there and capture these moments at home games at Citi Field. Sometimes, the NY1 and SNY videographers have spotted me and filmed me painting during a commercial break. I post my work on several social media outlets but Twitter is where the sports crowd lives and several of my tweets with my Mets paintings have gone viral. Last year the local ABC affiliate in Connecticut, WCTX/WTNH, featured me on their sports show, ‘Inside NY Baseball.’

“Not only have I made new friends, but I have brought joy to those who share the love of this team (and I’ve sold some paintings!). I can’t make every home game but you can find me painting all season long at Citi Field. Let’s Go Mets!”


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