Watercolor painting demonstration
Included: Words of Wisdom From Master Artist Joseph Zbukvic

Want to learn how to paint with watercolor? Don’t think you have the talent or skill? We can teach anyone to paint – start with this free guide that’s full of watercolor painting ideas.

This is a very special report because we’ve asked 37 of the world’s best watercolor artists to give their best tips and painting insights.

Inside you’ll discover watercolor painting ideas, tips and techniques such as:

  • 7 Words of Wisdom From Master Joseph Zbukvic
  • 3 Ways To Keep Your Watercolors Fresh and Loose
  • Sandra Strohschein’s Tip On How To “Wake Up” Your Watercolors
  • What Most New Watercolor Artists Do That Makes The Painting Worse
  • Brienne Brown’s Technique on Painting Leaves
  • Angus McEwan’s 6 Secrets to Better Snow Scenes
  • Keiko Tanabe’s Intuitive Way In Choosing Subjects
  • Yong Hong Zhong’s 5 Fail-Safe Techniques for Painting Greens
  • Shuang Li’s Advice On Painting Crystals and Using Transparent Watercolor
  • Frank Constantino’s 3 Tips When Sketching With Watercolor
  • How To Know When To Add The Next Wash, by Brienne Brown
  • What To Do When Plans Go Awry
  • A Quick Lesson On 2 Types of Shadows
  • How To Use Elements of Design To Your Advantage, by Ryan Fox
  • 2 Tips For Keeping Your Shapes Simple
  • John Salminen’s Must-Have Brush
  • 6 Ways to Kickstart Your Creativity With Color Studies
  • Iain Stewart’s Sketch Bag Supply List
  • PLUS: An Invitation to Meet & Paint With Over 20 Of The World’s Best Watercolor Artists!
  • And much, much more!

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Front cover of 101 Watercolor Painting Tips, Tricks, and Techniques - A Free Guide

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