Ulrich Gleiter, “Small Seascape,” oil, 16 x 20 inches

More than 40 works compose an upcoming exhibition of Eurasian plein air brilliance at this Western gallery.  Who’s the artist and where? 

On September 15, Gallery 1261 in Denver will open its doors to a fantastic exhibition of plein air paintings by artist Ulrich Gleiter titled “The Seasons”.  Highlighting the artist’s wonderfully textural impressionism, the show consists of more than 40 artworks painted from a variety of locations throughout the artist’s home in Eurasia.  “In the exhibit” the gallery says, “are canvases from places as diverse as Croatia, Italy, the Republic of Georgia and the many different areas in Russia, the Urals, Siberia, the polar regions, and the mountains of the Caucasus.

Ulrich Gleiter, “Wide Open Land,” oil, 29-3/4 x 37-3/4 inches
Ulrich Gleiter, “Morning on the Adriatic Sea,” oil, 23 x 17 inches
Ulrich Gleiter, “Canyon Landscape,” oil, 25-1/2 x 37-1/2 inches

“Influenced by Russian impressionists and trained at the Repin Academy in Saint Petersburg, Gleiter employs the techniques of the masters; the brushstrokes work harmoniously to create his fully realized paintings.  Each work depicts a different scene in a detailed and carefully crafted manner.  While the landscapes on view in this exhibition represent the bulk of the exhibition, there will also be still life and portrait works on view.

To learn more, visit Gallery 1261.

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