A scene from the Publisher's Invitational week of painting with friends
A scene from the Publisher's Invitational week of painting with friends

A letter to Eric Rhoads from an artist who joined us at the Publisher’s Invitational:

Dear Eric,

There are no words I could say that others have not already said that could possibly convey my gratitude for you and the Publisher’s Invitational retreat. I know that organizing the camp is a great deal of work, and I am forever grateful.

I signed up for camp dreaming of seven days of nothing but painting and came away with so much more. Never in my life have I walked into a room not knowing a soul, but feeling like I was immediately part of a family. I made friends that will last a lifetime, was inspired not only by the scenery and the art, but by every single person there, and I found my true self again. All in a week … a week I will treasure forever.

I meant it when I said you have transformed and inspired thousands of people, more than you can possibly ever understand.

Thank you, Eric, from the bottom of my heart. See you next year at the convention and again in the Adirondacks.

Pam Ernst


I want to thank Pam. She made my day.

I do two events like this a year, once in the Adirondack Mountains in June, and once in the fall. This fall, we’re going to be painting the Adirondack Mountains again — seeing the gorgeous fall colors of this area. Painting these fiery colors is a big change and it’s going to be spectacular!

If you’re looking for a place to paint and make lifelong friends. I hope you’ll consider joining us at the next Publisher’s Invitational (Fall Color Week, September 29 – October 6, 2023).


  1. Eric,

    I have so much admiration to your programs with Streamline, Outdoorpainter.com and your Sunday coffee chat. I can envision my favorite ways of oil painting with flavors of Kevin McPhersons magic grid, realism but using the magic of light from Caravaggio to the best portrait painters today like Liam Dickenson in England. I need to say, let’s all paint, paint paint and capture the wonderful ways Eric Rhoda’s can guide you to be the best. Thank you!


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