David Savellano, “Lahaina Morning Glow,” 2020, watercolor
David Savellano, “Lahaina Morning Glow,” 2020, watercolor, 12 x 18 in., Private collection, Plein air

In this weekly series Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Plein Air Magazine, shares a favorite painting and artist quote from a recent issue.

Kelly Kane’s Pick of the Week: “Lahaina Morning Glow”

“So much of mastering watercolor is about timing, knowing when the paper is wet enough but not too wet, when it’s the right moment to add the next wash. I like mixing my colors directly on the paper so that they blend or melt into one another. To achieve soft edges, you have to know when to apply the paint based on how much water you’ve mixed with it. For hard edges, you have to let your surface dry completely. The ability to figure out that timing and understand these properties of watercolor develop over time, if you stick with it.” — David Savellano, “Watercolor Wisdom”

Read the full article in PleinAir Magazine, June/July 2020


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