Susan Fehlinger, “Cadigan Feed Mill,” 2017, oil (Grand Prize, Winner)

Now in its fourth year, the Montague International Plein Air Art Festival enjoyed huge success in June 2017 with a record-breaking 44 participating artists and over $2000 worth of prize money.  Who caught the eye of judge Brian Lorimer?

It was over five hot sun-drenched days between June 12th and 16th when Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI) played host to Montague’s 4th Annual International Plein Air Art Festival.  “The event keeps growing every year” suggested festival host and PEI artist Audrey Bunt, “and the word keeps spreading of how great the festival is.  Out of the 44 participants, 19 were from PEI.  Artists pulled, hauled, dragged their equipment and supplies out each morning and were tired at the end of each day, but everyone had great big smiles on their faces.  The focus of the festival has always been the camaraderie between the artists and from that point of view, it has succeeded, big time!”

Grand Prize winner Susan Fehlinger (center) with Audrey Bunt (right) and judge Brian Lorimer (left)

Brian Lorimer, artist and owner of the Lorimer Gallery in Charlottetown, was charged with the task of judging works this year.  He chose “Cardigan Feed Mill” by Susan Fehlinger as the Grand Prize winner of $1000.  Sandi Komst won Second Prize for her painting “Boat at Newfrage” while Judy Max Smith was the Third Prize winner for “Lifeguard Chair”.  Best Watercolor went to Debbie Mesiner and Best Use of Light was awarded to Carolyn Vienneau.  Finally, the People’s Choice Award was taken by John McCallum for “Wood Islands Lighthouse.”

Judy Max Smith stands with her four oils completed at the festival. Her painting “Lifeguard Chair” (top right), won Third Place

The Montague International Plein Air Festival is open to artists of all levels.  The $50 entry fee goes towards the prize money and a welcome breakfast.  “We are self-sustaining” continued Bunt, “the registration fee covers the costs.  But the potential for the festival to grow and become a major event in the region is there.  We would be happy to partner with any group, who would like to enable the visual arts to grow on the island!”

To learn more, visit the Montague International Plein Air Festival.

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