The Black Range Artists, a group of painters centered in Southern New Mexico and West Texas, is active in raising funds for worthy causes. Last year, the group targeted the Wounded Warriors Project. In 2015, the group looked to Memphis, Tennessee. Why?
“Black Range’s mission statement is to give back to our communities, and we do this through teaching workshops and through gallery and event shows,” says Louis Sackett, the plein air coordinator for the group. “Last year we raised $14,000 in two days, and the Wounded Warrior Project received $3,200 and a homeless veterans organization received another $650. This year we are going to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The participating artists have agreed to donate 20 percent of their sales to St. Jude. We will also have a silent auction with proceeds to give to St. Jude.”

“Up Wind Canyon Drive,” by Louise Sackett

The group reports that 22 plein air artists are scheduled to participate in this year’s event, which will be held at the Mimbres Valley Event Center in Deming, New Mexico.

“St. Elmo’s Stairs,” by MacKinse Stillwater

So how did the Black Range Artists pick a hospital in Memphis as the beneficiaries for this year’s event? “As the event coordinator, I picked St. Jude,” says Lyn Orona. “I have been seeing the ads on TV and the wonderful work that they do, with free treatment for the kids and their families. I just wanted to help in some small way, for the kids. As a parent, I don’t know how I would handle any of those situations if my child were sick. People are without medical care or have a stop-level on what their insurance will pay. What would you do? So I feel, ‘bless them,’ for being there.”


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